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    1. Wireless Comm

              Wireless communication refers to the use of space to transmit electromagnetic signals instead of wire, cable, optical fiber and other wired media. At present, the application of wireless communication mainly includes: radio, microwave communication, mobile communication, satellite communication, wireless broadband, telemetry, remote control and communication between spacecraft and the earth and so on
      In mobile wireless communications, wireless infrastructure is rapidly evolving into heterogeneous networks with multiple sizes and base station levels, including macrocells, urban cells, small cells, and large-scale MIMO AAS. Operators around the world have deployed 4G/5G base-stations in frequencies as high as 6 GHz. The company has developed PA, Gain Block, LNA and SW series products applied in wireless infrastructure. This series of chips provides complete rf front-end solutions for wireless network coverage. The chips adopt advanced manufacturing process and have performance indexes, stability and reliability comparable to similar foreign products.
              Company has also developed applied to PA and LNA beidou system series of products, the series chips covered with beidou second generation beidou generation of rf front-end application, provides the beidou generation launch function single chip solution, has the area is small, the reliability and stability of outstanding, can work under load mismatch obvious characteristics and advantages, such as performance in similar products in a leading position, satisfies the requirement of beidou system application in our country. The company has also developed an integrated PA for walkie-talkies. The chip covers the U/V frequency band of the walkie-talkies and has excellent performance of high gain, high efficiency, high power, high stability and high reliability. In addition, the companys communication chip is also widely used in the shield and other markets.
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